Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pumpkinfest 2008

Pumpkinfest today was so much FUN! Abby made the most adorable Tinkerbell and Jack made a SCARY zombie! We had fun running into friends we had not seen in a long time! Once again, I heard we JUST missed The Paisleys and Sheryl Crowe!! I am telling you, one of these days Abby and Huck will finally meet! After Pumkinfest, we headed to lunch at Maniacs! Crea met us for a salad and Jack was so excited to SPOOK her! We also had the pleasure of seeing the Hillenmeyers and the Daniels there. They all have such ADORABLE children! Tonight we are going to the pumpkin walk on Pearl Street! It is a Halloween festival in our neighborhood! Fun fun!

Friday, October 24, 2008

We LOVE Gentry's Farm!

Jack and Abby had a great time at the farm last weekend! We did it all! Hayride, corn maze, barn maze, nature trail, tractor ride!!! They loved every minute!!! We ran into some friends I had not seen in years! It was fun to catch up with old buddies!!! Jack is SO looking forward to Halloween. We plan to attend Pumpkinfest tomorrow. Jack just needs to decide on his cotume! I will post pictures! Abby went to her 18 month appointment today! She got 4 shots! Poor girl. SHe is 24 lbs and 5 oz! In the 50th percentile! 60th perentile in height! Her head is 75th percentile! I told the doc that she must be inheriting her father's brain! We all know he has a LARGE head full of brains!! I hope she is one day validictorian at her school like her daddy! Happy Friday and GO TITANS!!!! Don't forget to wear blue on Monday!
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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Gentry's Farm

On Saturday afternoon, after our picture session with Lillian B. (which was stressful, BTW) we headed to Gentry's Farm. We went to pick out some pumpkins for our porch! We decided since it was very warm that we would wait to do the hayride and all. Jack and Abigail had a good time picking out pumpkins! Afterwards we decorated our front porch! Jack keeps saying "we are READY for Halloween!". He is going to LOVE trick or treating this year! Enjoy the photos!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Slash or Spinal Tap?

We had fun yesterday when we pulled out our Halloween costume box! I tried to put a wig on Abby, but she did not want anything to do with it! She did have a good time laughing at Crazy Jack-Jack though!

Monday, October 6, 2008

The kiddos at the wedding events!

I am so sad to say I do not have any pictures on my own camera of the kids at the wedding! I am going to post what I have! Hopefully I can post some of Helen's pictures later! I am SO PROUD of Jack, Will and Abby for making it down the aisle! And well! Jack held Will's hand down the aisle and Abby followed with her basket! It was very sweet!

Kathryne and Jon are MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Remembering 18 months ago??

I just had to post some of the very first pictures of Abigail Crea! Isn't she adorable???

Where has the time gone???

This posting is dedicated to my sweet baby girl, Abigail, who is 18 months old tomorrow! I cannot believe she is on her way to being TWO! Abby is such a sweet little thing. She has a very big heart and she LOVES her big brother to pieces! One of her favorite activities is running around the house chasing after Jack. She also LOVES SHOES! She is definitely a girly girl as she LOVES dresses (I will put on her dress and she says, "So cute. Pretty dress" in her high pitched voice) and trying on any type of footwear! She is almost obsessed! She is into naming her body parts. Her favorite is ELBOW!!! She is the best eater in town and snacks constantly! Her favorite meal is PASTA!!!! She had a quick obsession with suckers as well. We had to hide them all finally. She is very much into animals. Her favorite are puppies!!! My favorite thing about Abby is her adorable nose and how she wrinkles it when she grins really big! She also gives good hugs and kisses. These pictures were taken tonight. She was reading one of her favorite PUPPY books. She loves to kiss each and every dog in the book! One of the pictures was taken over the weekend when she was trying on her flower girl dress for KiKi's wedding! Happy 18 months my Abby-Boo! We love you!