Saturday, January 3, 2009

Santa was good to us!

We had a rough Christmas eve day, but we were able to have fun and enjoy our Christmas together! Christmas Eve was really fun! We went to church at 4 and headed home to our freshly baked turkey! The Fullers came over as well as Russ and Grayson and we had had a yummy dinner with great company! Santa was VERY generous to Jack and Abby. When Jack walked downstairs, all he could talk about was the fact that he could not believe Santa did not eat ALL of his cookies and milk!!!! Then suddenly he realized there were many toys left behind! Of course, he found his most asked for gift - Darth Vader!!! Abby was more interested in the chocolate for the first hour! Then she discovered her sweet kitchen and new doll! We played for a few hours and then had a family breakfast and Kathryne, Jon, JC and BeBe came to join the fun! After nap time we headed to Columbia for more Christmas celebrating! It was a fun but tiring day!!! Hope you all had a great Christmas! We are truly blessed and we are thankful!!