Monday, March 23, 2009

Abby loves her piggies!

I just had to post these cute pics of Abby taking care of her piggies. Most girls her age are probably into dolls. It is all PIGS for Abby. She loves to feed and love on her pigs. They even have a basket where they sleep. She takes care and pats their backs and gives them a blankie! It is really quite cute. She will come to me and tell me if Wilbur is scared or if his tummy hurts. SHe is a good little mommy to her pigs!

Day trip to the Tennessee Aquarium

THis weekend we decided to take the kids to the aquarium in Chattanooga! We have never been! The kids had a wonderful time! I think their favorite part was petting the sting rays! I personally loved the penguins! Jack and Abby have already asked to go back again! As you can see they were exhausted form the experience and slept most of the way home!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

March SNOW!

The kids enjoyed the 2 inches of snow we got Saturday night! I think Jack enjoyed it more than Abby! He had a blast playing with all of his trucks, throwing snow balls and making snow men. I think his favorite was the hot chocolate after coming in tired from playing!

On a completely different note, Abby turned 23 months on Monday. Hard to believe she will soon be TWO! We have been talking about her party a lot lately. I think she is excited. The girl loves birthdays because that means CAKE! Stay tuned for more details on Abby's birthday!

On a completely different note, yet again, thank you for all your thoughts and prayers in regards to my job. I am happy to say I made it again through the cuts. Even better, I get to stay part-time! YEAH! Thank you, Lord! Prayers answered!