Tuesday, March 3, 2009

March SNOW!

The kids enjoyed the 2 inches of snow we got Saturday night! I think Jack enjoyed it more than Abby! He had a blast playing with all of his trucks, throwing snow balls and making snow men. I think his favorite was the hot chocolate after coming in tired from playing!

On a completely different note, Abby turned 23 months on Monday. Hard to believe she will soon be TWO! We have been talking about her party a lot lately. I think she is excited. The girl loves birthdays because that means CAKE! Stay tuned for more details on Abby's birthday!

On a completely different note, yet again, thank you for all your thoughts and prayers in regards to my job. I am happy to say I made it again through the cuts. Even better, I get to stay part-time! YEAH! Thank you, Lord! Prayers answered!

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Grace and Fam said...

These are so sweet!! You look beautiful as usual : ) ...And congrats on staying on part time. Prayers answered.