Thursday, September 25, 2008

Jack's Disney Gifts for Abby

Jack brought back a bunch of stuff for Abby. Her favorite is her new Tinkerbell purse and cell phone! She opened her gifts while eating powdered donuts this morning! Fun Fun! We love hanging out with Abby today! We all missed her terribly. We will not be going to Disney World again with out her!

Jack's Disney Birthday Celebration!

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Jack's Disney World Birthday Trip

We had such a fun trip to Disney World! We stayed at the Grand Floridian and the upgraded us to Concierge Level which was super nice. We went to ALL the major parks and rode EVERYTHING Jack could ride! Multiple times! The lines were so SMALL too! Most of the time we could get right on or only wait a few minutes! The weather was warm so we got to go swimming in the afternoon at the resort! Jack tried out Blizzard Beach - a water park there - and LOVED it! We did not get any pictures there as we were in the water the entire time! Too bad! We celebrated Jack' s birthday EVERYDAY! He had a special birthday dinner at Chef Mickey's where he go to see all the characters and Goofy helped him to blow out his candles! We did get to see the Raglands the first day we were there. The funniest part was we checked into our hotel and immediately went to Animal Kingdom. We picked up the maps and times guide and started walking and ran RIGHT into the Raglands. We had not been there 10 minutes! Out of all those people we ran right into the one family we knew was in Orlando! So here are some pics from the trip! I will post some video clips as well. See ya!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Thanks to Alison and Savannah!!!

You girls are the SWEETEST and MOST THOUGHTFUL gals I know! You made Jack's day. He has taken Wall-E all around the house, put together the puzzle, has eaten 7 suckers and 4 peanut butter cups and is now downstairs playing the Mickey Mouse game! He LOVES that adorable card that sings HAPPY BIRTHDAY in just about ANY animal sound. SO CUTE! You all are the best and we love you MUCH! Enjoy the pics and video clips!

What a cute and OUTDOORSY three-some!

So Jack and John went on their first camping adventure last weekend. Margaret Holley celebrated her 4th birthday by having a camp out at her grandparents house in Jackson, TN. They did hayrides, fishing, jeep rides, s'mores and the whole bit. The dads and the kiddos slept in the tents and apparently the dads did not get much sleep as storms were coming in and it was VERY windy. The kiddos slept like babies! This is a picture of Max, Margaret and Jack on the hayride. All three will turn FOUR on September 21! Yeap! That is right! They share the same birthday! They are very special friends! Thanks to the Holleys for an AWESOME weekend.

Jack's first tennis lesson

Jack is taking tennis class on Monday afternoons with a few of his buddies! I must say the class is so fun to watch! He really is loving it! He will continue this through the month of October.

Pirate Party for Pa-Poo!

On Sunday we celebrated Jack's fourth birthday with family! We had a great time! Jack greeted everyone in his pirate gear and said, "ARGHHH, WELCOME TO MY PARTY, MATES!" He LOVED his cake and his favorite part was hearing everyone sing happy birthday. At least this year he let us sing ONCE! Last year he made us light the candles and sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY over and over again! Thanks everyone for helping us celebrate. He got lots of cool presents! Now we are getting ready for the BIG celebration - DISNEY WORLD!!!! YEAH!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Seaside 2007 vs. Seaside 2008

Just thought you would enjoy seeing how much the kiddos have grown in one year!

Seaside 2008

Seaside pics

Seaside 2008 - Jack goes through the waves!

Love bugs or water bugs??

Jack and Abby LOVE the water!!! Abby has really gotten so good at swimming. She can kick and all. She is definitely following in her brother's footsteps. Jack can do perfect dives now! They love to do this thing where they jump in the pool backwards! I have some cute video clips of the kiddos swimming! Enjoy!

I am going to post some more picture of the kids at the beach and at the Watercolor pool etc. We spent a lot of time over at Watercolor where the Plummers stayed. In fact, Jack and Ella went to Watercolor camp one day and LOVED it! The theme was "A Day at the Beach." They spent some of the day at the beach building sand castles and searching for marine life! Jack said they played with hermit crabs. This camp was right up his alley!

Seaside 2008

We just got back from 10 days at the beach! We had a such a good time. We stayed at my aunt's (Nancy) new house called Kingdom Come! I must say the pool was the BEST part! Nancy added this after she purchased it! We had such a good time hanging out with our friends, Edward J., Craige H., Frank C., The Fergusons and the Plummers. In addition, my sister Kathryne and her fiance, Jon, came down for a weekend and The Pilkinton family came for 5 days! BeBe and Willie stayed where there 10 days as well! It was a BLAST! In fact, Jack CRIED multiple times when we left. He said he DID NOT want to go back to Franklin. He wanted to stay at his beach house. We had to explain to him that we HAD to leave because vacation, unfortunately, is temporary. Then we had to blame it on a hurricane, which I hope will NOT hit Seaside, as I have family down there this week! Anyway, we ALL had fun and we are home now safe and sound.